Automated ads management to improve scale, efficiency and measurement
Create and update ad campaigns at scale to increase workflow efficiency
Create scheduled reporting for ad campaigns 
Attribute conversions to better measure effectiveness of campaigns
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Share Content
Enable people and public agencies to share content locally
Publish content or news on a regular basis 
Enable users of your social media management platform to publish updates
Share events, news, and marketplace listings to a local audience
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Display Content
Access public posts, events, and marketplace listings
Find recent posts in your area that mention targeted keywords
Show upcoming local events happening in your area
Show marketplace listings in your area
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Featured Partners
Pawboost added the Share Plugin to their website and emails to boost awareness of lost pets.
Referral traffic from Nextdoor grew to make up
>20% of Pawboost traffic.
GoFundMe integrated the Share Plugin on both their fundraiser and donor pages.
Increased sharing campaigns by >45%
once Nextdoor was added as an option on share sheet.