Add local discussions, events, marketplace listings (and more) to your own website or app with our content APIs


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Nextdoor is where millions of verified neighbors, small businesses and public agencies gather to discuss local information, exchange goods and services, and build community. Now, with the help of Nextdoor APIs and Embeds, developers can display our public ‘anyone’ content on their own websites and apps.

Search API

Similar to search within the Nextdoor app, the Search API helps developers ‘search’ for public post(s), events, marketplace listings, and business pages within any geography on Nextdoor. The parameters accepted are lat long, radius, category and keywords. The response will return all posts on Nextdoor that match your query, along with the post-metadata such as: title, description, photos, comment and reaction count, neighborhood name etc. Content is ordered by relevance and recency for the expressed location(s).

  • Posts -> Retrieve public ‘anyone’ posts (and post metadata) from neighbors, agencies, and or businesses that match your search parameters in the last 30 days.
  • Marketplace Listings -> Returns active listings from our marketplace “For Sale & Free” that match your query parameters, along with listings metadata (price, location, photos, descriptions etc).
  • Events -> Get upcoming neighborhood events matching your search parameters, along with event description, start and end date, location etc ….coming soon
  • Business Pages -> Returns the claimed and/or recommended business page on Nextdoor matching your search query, along with page metadata (name, address, fave count) coming soon

Use cases

  • Find recent posts in your area that mention the keywords: “fire”, “storm”, “tornado”, “police”
  • Show all upcoming events happening on Nextdoor in your area
  • Show marketplace listings in your area that have “free” in the title or description
  • Search for local businesses

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Trending Posts API

Explore the top 100 most engaging posts ordered by comment and reaction count in each city. Developers can further filter and sort the feed by post categories, location, and metrics like number of comments, reactions and user flags.

Use cases

  • Show popular Nextdoor posts in a certain city or state

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Public Agency Feed API

Get all the local updates and alerts from over 5,500 verified public agencies on Nextdoor. Retrieve a list of all public agency pages and metadata (description, contact information etc) along with their recent posts and comments.

Use cases

  • Show the top conversations from neighbors and recent updates from public agencies around your users’ exact location.

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