Best Practices

Here are a couple of tips we have to generate the most success from your integration of our Sharing Content offerings.

  1. Personalize your content for Nextdoor members

  • Don’t just paste a blank link! Help Nextdoor members better understand your brand’s content with added context and customizations.
  • Instead of: Check out my link here! {link}
  • Try: Hey neighbors! I thought this news article was interesting and relevant for our area. {article subject + link}
  1. Add Links to provide more information

  • Give Nextdoor neighbors more detail about your platform by linking out to additional information.
  • Add a smartlink preview, which generates a clickable preview below the post.
  1. Localize and post relevant content near your users’ location

  • One of Nextdoor’s distinguishing features is how much our members lean on Nextdoor for hyperlocal information. Localize your shared posts by adding any of our geotargeting features. You are able to geotag your post by adding a latitude and longitude parameter.
  • For Public Agencies specifically: If your platform caters to public and municipal agencies where targeted and potentially broad communications are necessary, make sure to explore the four modes of targeting available to you:
    • service areas (ex: the local recycling agency may have a different service area than a congressman’s office)
    • custom area - only agencies with our public agency program may have a custom area
    • custom neighborhood - only agencies with our public agency program may have a custom neighborhood
    • Lat/Long/Radius - This is the easiest option if your company does not ingest geo data from 'Get agency boundary'
  1. Comment management

  • To ensure your members get the best experience sharing to Nextdoor, ensure that your comment management integration includes:
    • Saving the post id of posts created
    • Saving the comment ids of comments created
    • You will need to reference these id's to either create a comment on a post or a comment to a reply. You also need the id's to edit or delete any posts, comments, or replies.
  1. Photos and Videos

  • When possible, try to add visual elements like photos and videos. Posts with media on Nextdoor have more than 2x the engagement than posts without media.
  • The Max file size for photos is 10MB. The Max file size for videos is 500MB per video.
  • For Agency, Neighbor and Event posts, you are able to add image and video attachments which would be included in the post.
  • For Event posts, you are able to add a cover photo to the event.
  • For For Sale and Free posts, you are able to add image attachments of the item you are trying to list.
  1. User Education and product marketing

  • Educate your members to inform them of this new local sharing feature. Options can include: a member monthly email, in-app pop-ups about new features, conferences and more.