Share using Business Account

Guide on how to share content to Nextdoor using Publish API, using Business profile (See account-profiles)

  1. Apply for developer token using the Share API flow. Please specify "Publish API" and provide Company Logo and Redirect URI

  2. Redirect the user you want to verify to Nextdoor website. see Get authorization code please specify profile in your scope parameter.

  3. The user need to login or sign up with Nextdoor, then they will be prompted with authorization prompt.

  4. The user says Yes, then Nextdoor will redirect the user back to your 'redirect uri' with the authorization_code.

  5. In your backend code, exchange authorization_code with access_token reference

  6. Use /me/profiles to fetch user's info, The account might have multiple profiles, save all of them to your datastore and ask which one your user want to use when they share(post).

  7. Use Publish API to create / edit / delete post or comment on Nextdoor! make sure include the 'id' field you got from the /me/profiles endpoint in all API calls. Remember, the token represents 'account' and each account could have multiple business profiles.