Conversion API

The Conversion API allows advertisers to track and send conversion events directly to the platform. This API provides a programmatic way to record and attribute conversions, enabling advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. The Conversion API offers several key benefits and addresses specific use cases that make it a valuable tool for advertisers:

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: By integrating the Conversion API, advertisers can ensure more accurate tracking of conversion events. Unlike relying solely on pixel tracking, which depends on client-side interactions, the Conversion API directly captures and sends conversion events from the server side. This reduces the likelihood of data loss or discrepancies caused by ad blockers, browser settings, or user behavior.
  • Flexible Integration: The Conversion API provides a flexible integration option for advertisers. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing backend systems, mobile apps, or third-party platforms. This allows for a unified tracking and reporting mechanism across various advertising channels and systems, simplifying the overall workflow and reducing data fragmentation.
  • Data Privacy and Security: With the Conversion API, advertisers have more control over the data they collect and transmit. Since conversion events are sent directly from the server side, sensitive user information can be securely processed and transmitted without exposing it to client-side scripts. This helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations and data protection practices.