Getting Started

Integrating with the Conversion API

  • Create an Advertiser Profile in NAM (Nextdoor Ads Manager). Advertisers who want to send events to your platform should sign up for an advertiser profile in NAM. This profile will serve as their identity and connection point for sending events.
  • Obtain access token from here. The access token is a secure credential that allows advertisers to authenticate and interact with the Conversion API.
  • In NAM home page go to Business Settings .
  • Click on Ads API . In this page click on Generate token .

  • Once the advertiser has obtained the access token, whenever specific events occur (e.g., user registration, purchase, app installation, etc.), the advertiser's app or website can generate requests to the Conversion API containing relevant event data. Following is the Python code snippet that can be used to send events to conversion API.
import requests  
import json

url = "<">

payload = json.dumps({  
  "client_id": "5316447586",  
  "event_name": "{{event_name}}",  
  "event_time": "{{event_time}}",  
  "event_id": "12304",  
  "action_source": "{{action_source}}",  
  "customer": {  
    "email": "{{email_hash}}",  
    "phone_number": "{{phone_hash}}"  
headers = {  
  'Content-Type': 'application/json',  
  'Authorization': 'Bearer <token>'  

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)  
  • Attribution Windows
    • Click Attribution Window: The click attribution window has been set to 7 days. This means that when a user clicks on your ad and completes a conversion within the next 7 days, the conversion will be attributed to that specific click interaction.
    • View Attribution Window: The view attribution window has been set to 1 day. Consequently, if a user views your ad and completes a conversion within the following 24 hours, the conversion will be attributed to that view interaction.

Recommended Practices

  • client_id is needed in all calls to Conversion API. Work with account managers to get your client_id .
  • To enable accurate attribution and measurement, it is crucial that the data to the conversion API is being passed promptly and within one hour. By achieving this timely data transfer, you can make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and accurately attribute events, leading to more effective and efficient marketing strategies.
  • To successfully integrate with our system, you must ensure that the required parameters are included in the data being passed. The integration requires at least one or a combination of the following parameters: hashed_email , hashed_phone and / or click_id . These parameters are essential for accurate tracking and attribution of events. Please make sure that the data is appropriately hashed and transmitted securely to maintain user privacy and data integrity.
  • If you are utilizing conversion Pixels ensure that same events on both Conversion API and Pixel share same event_id .
  • If you are working with one of our Partner Platforms ensure that you have access to correct partner_id and ensure that this is passed on all conversion API calls.