Create agency post

Create an agency post on Nextdoor. Note that all urls for media attachments or smartlinks must be valid and publicly accessible URLs.

Public Agency Geo Targeting

There are four different post distribution methods we support for Public Agencies.

  1. Entire service area (default)
    1. The post will be distributed to the default service area for the public agency user. Note that a Nextdoor public agency user could be configured with a default area that is different from the entire service area.
  2. Custom boundaries
    1. The post will be distributed to all [group_ids] area(s), please use the Get agency boundary API to get all possible boundaries
  3. Custom neighborhoods
    1. Coming soon.
  4. Latitude + Longitude + Radius
    1. The post will be distributed to all neighbrohoods that are in the circle provided by the latitude + longitude point, and radius.

See this section for more information about our data types.

The share_link returned is in the format of{post_share_id}. The post_share_id can be used as an unique identifier for posts created.

This API requires the following scopes:

  • post:write
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