Get your posts

Get your most recent posts on Nextdoor.

Returns a list of your Nextdoor posts. Metadata returned includes

  • author_id: id of the author
  • body: Body text of post.
  • comments: List of comments and replies to comments of post.
    • author_id: id of the commenter (could be null in case the user gets suspended/deleted)
    • is_from_requester: indicates if the comment is from the user made the API request
    • id: id of the comment
    • body: body of the comment
    • creation_date_epoch_seconds: creation time of the comment
    • parent_comment_id: id of the parent comment.
  • embed_url: Embed url of post.
  • reactions: Reactions of post.
  • url: Share url of post.
  • media: Media information for each attachment of post.
  • posts_length: Number of posts returned.
  • view_count: Count of post views by other member from day 0 (post created) to day 14.

This API requires the following scopes:

  • post:read
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