Error codes

Responses from the Conversion API uses HTTP response codes to denote success and various errors.

400Required value 'actionSource' (JSON name 'action_source') missing at $
Parameters that are required but not present.
400event_id must not be empty

event_name must not be empty

client_id must not be empty

Parameters that are required but are blank(empty strings)
400Expected one of [email, website, app, phone_call, chat, physical_store, system_generated, other] but was web at path $.action_source
Values action_source can take.
400Expected one of [conversion, lead, purchase, signup, custom_conversion] but was Lead at path $.event_name

Validations on conversion event types. See here
400action_source_url should be a valid URL

The action_source_url is required for website events.
400order value should be positive

order value must have currency

Value and currency are required for purchase events. Currency should be a valid currency
500Internal server error