Publish API

This Nextdoor Publish API is used to share, delete, or edit content on Nextdoor. You can create various content types using our API: neighbor posts, public agency posts, events, FSF listings, and comments. An access token is required to use this API, and access tokens can be acquired by authenticating to your Nextdoor account. You must apply for access to integrate the Publish API.

Share Plugin

The Nextdoor Share Plugin is another way to share content on Nextdoor. With this plugin, you can create neighbor, business, or public agency posts. Users will be redirected to post creation form with pre-filled content from your site. The user manually creates the content using this plugin after logging into Nextdoor.

Note: Share plugin does not require API keys or approval from Nextdoor.

When it comes to displaying our content, we have a best practices section that highlights what past partners have done and our brand guidelines here.