Share Plugin

This page will help you get started with ShareKit.

Share Plugin is not an API but rather a feature you can embed onto your website or blog to seamlessly share content onto Nextdoor.

Creating a Nextdoor ShareKit button can be done using simple HTML and CSS.

<div class="nextdoor-share-button" 
  <a target="_blank" href={Share URL Here}> 
   Share to Nextdoor

Supported Actors

Existing NeighborWebYes
New NeighborWebYes
Existing NeighborAndroid + iOSYes
New NeighborAndroid + iOSNo
Existing SMBAll platformsYes
New SMBAll platformsNo
Existing AgencyWebYes
Existing AgencyAndroid + iOSNo
New AgencyAll PlatformsNo

Creating a Share Button

The first step in creating a ShareKit button is designing the Share URL. The Share URL will be specific to your use case and can support pre-filling composer text, adding hashtags, and embedding smartlink previews into the post.

The base URL of the button should look like

The following are supported URL parameters

sourceYesstringName of share sourcenextdoor, gofundme
bodyYesURL-encoded stringText that will be pre-filled in our post composer. Max size is 3500 characters (including encoding)Hello%20World
hint_textNoURL-encoded stringHint text that will appear in the post composerPut%20text%20here
hash_tagNostringA hashtag that will appear in the post box. Hashtags cannot contain spacesfundraising, lostandfound

To generate a smartlink preview, put a URL in the body parameter. If multiple URL's are present, the smartlink preview will be generated based off the last URL.


  • The max size for your body parameter is 3500 characters. Please ensure that the body parameter is less than or equal to 3500 characters.
  • You can only place body or hint_text. You cannot have both parameters or it will default to using the body parameter.

Nextdoor Brand Assets

General use and guidelines for attributing the Nextdoor brand can found here.


{Need to upload logo assets somewhere to download}

Implementation Examples

<{Share Source}&body=Hello%20World

<{Share Source}&hint_text=Place%20text%20here{Share Source}&hashtag=fundraising{Share Source}&

Disclaimer and License

This Nextdoor Sharekit and access to Nextdoor is provided “as is” and without any express or implied representations or warranties regarding accuracy, operability, use, title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; and Nextdoor disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, express or implied, in connection with your use, including any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement or that the use contemplated herein will produce any results, financial or otherwise or meet particular quality or performance requirements, or that the use of the Nextdoor Sharekit (and any data transmitted thereby) will be secure, uninterrupted or error free. Nextdoor may alter its specifications at any time and without notice. Any feedback you provide to Nextdoor regarding the Nextdoor Sharekit may be freely used by Nextdoor without any obligation to you. Use of Nextdoor Brand Assets is conditioned on adherence to the Nextdoor Brand Guidelines.